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Particolare della Stele del Dignitario Nefer Antico Regno, IV Dinastia (2640-2520 a.C.) Dal Basso Egitto, Giza, Mastaba di Nefer
Thanks to the Google Arts & Culture project, the Museo di scultura antica Giovanni Barracco is just a mouse click away: the museum can be navigated using Street View which allows you to move around 360° and get closer to the works of art, exploring them in more detail with the detailed information sheets, or choose to browse through the photo galleries of the most significant works in the museum collection.

Finally, thanks to the Gigapixel camera shot of the Stele del Dignitario Nefer, the work no longer has any secrets and the many details can be studied in depth.

A huge heritage that can be used by students, tourists and the simply curious, eager to browse through the masterpieces of Roman museums, but also to discover their most hidden treasures.
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> Watch the collectione of the Museo di scultura antica Giovanni Barracco

> Explore the Museo di scultura antica Giovanni Barracco in Street View

> Discover more about the Stele del Dignitario Nefer in very high definition