Access for disabled people

- Access for disabled visitors 
Yes, only the ground floor is accessible with a multimedia area featuring a virtual tour of the Museum. Entrance from Vicolo dell’Aquila (please ring the bell)

Other services for people with visual disabilities
Captions for blind and visually impaired visitors
Braille Guide: a guide of the museum in Braille in Italian and English is available on request.
Audio guide: can be rented at the ticket office.
Braille map of the museum.

Educational initiatives
04 October - 31 December 2020
Undici video in Lingua dei Segni Italiana dedicati alle persone sorde nell’ambito dei progetti di accessibilità del programma “Musei da toccare”
There are no planned events.
Guided tour
Museo di Scultura Antica Giovanni Barracco
15 January 2020
Visite guidate tattili-sensoriali con operatori specializzati.